Trinity Community Health Centers of Louisiana

Since 2009, Trinity CHC has provided affordable access to quality healthcare for people in and around Central Louisiana.

 Trinity CHC is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). We are partly funded by the Federal Department of Health & Human Services because our area was shown to have unmet medical needs. FQHCs were specifically created to respond to the healthcare needs of people with limited access to care because of their income, medical condition, or healthcare professional shortages.

 We have gotten a tremendous response from the community in our first years of operation, enabling us to expand our medical offerings and grow our staff.  Trinity CHC offers primary care, oral health, and behavioral health. We have expanded our footprint to cover six parishes and are currently in 30-plus schools in Central Louisiana.

 From the day we opened our doors, we have used the latest health information technology to help deliver high-quality care. Our staff uses electronic medical records. We now have a patient portal that enables patients to schedule appointments, get updates from their providers, renew prescriptions, and do other activities without making a trip to the clinic.

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 Deano Thornton, CEO

Deano Thornton, CEO of Trinity Community Health Centers of Louisiana, shares his journey from politics to healthcare and his need to help others.

Our Board of Directors

Ellen Russell - Chairman

Joe Bass - Vice Chairman

Kaye Pyles - Secretary

Michelle Carpenter

Cindy Jamison

June Melton

Glenda Melton

Stanley King

Brenda Jones

Brent Hubbard

Katina Smith

Toni McAllister

Trinity Community Health Centers, DBA Winn Community Health Center, Inc is a FTCA deemed facility.